Shoot: Moves & Countermoves

For a long time now I've been looking for an opportunity to do a collaborative project with a group of dancers.

The aim of the project was to get together with a group of people that studied dance in their free time and create some images as a team without any particular pre-planning.

After approaching the Imperial College Dance Company for potential dancers, I had around 10 volunteers. Unfortunately, for a first time project, anything more than 4 or 5 sounded a bit too ambitious. That left me with having the slightly strange job of running a casting, something I'd never done before.

So I guess now is good time to introduce the dancers.

Emma - 1st Year Bio-Chemist, 15th Year Ballet Dancer

Gemma - 1st Year Chemical Engineer, 17th Year Ballet Dancer

Karoline Lende - 2nd Year Civil Engineer, 13th Year Dancer.

Martha Parkinson - 1st Year Aeronautical Engineer, 15th Year Dancer

On the day, we were lucky enough to also have the help of my mum, Jenny Wang, a retired dancer!

Jenny Wang (aka Mum)

Despite the strange weather and cold conditions, the shoot got off to a great start and things began to fall together quickly. The absence of any formal planning meant that the shoot progressed as a natural process, allowing us to try out a variety of poses, locations and movements.

I've included some of my favourite images from the day below, but you can find them all here.

It has to be said that both Jenny and I were hugely impressed with the dancers and I really appreciate them coming down, braving the cold and taking part! I'm sure you'll all be seeing more work with them soon.