Dress Code

Dress Codes. Bloody Dress Codes. Does anyone understand how to read them? Does anyone understand how to set them? I think we can all agree the answer to both those questions is a straight up: no.

Summer Formal is our way of saying look nice, there will be pictures taken but also, feel great about yourself. Think Gok Wan day to night, nicer than a garden party but not necessarily evening gowns (unless that's your vibe). Bow ties and hats welcome (black hats excluded); bring your coolest sunglasses; dig out your dancing shoes - it's a wedding after all! 

Prize to be awarded to anyone who out-dresses Amal Clooney as wedding guest of the year.


For those of you joining us for the ceremony, we will be hosting something people call a Wedding Breakfast - we have no idea why its called this but it will be yummy and only marginally breakfasty. There is a childrens menu so if you have mini humans, they will be fed too.

Because we're mostly food motivated individuals, there will be food in the evening too.

We're not particularly excited to poison anyone so please don't forget to let us know if you have any dietary requirements in the RSVP form.

Gift List

First things first: please don't feel like you need to buy, bring, make, dedicate or give us anything. Your lovely faces are all we need.

Got that? Okay cool. If you still want to give us things, then we'd be super chuffed and incredibly grateful for contributions to our honeymoon to Japan scheduled for next year. You can do that here at Prezola.


The venue has no parking. Who drives nowadays anyway?


I mean if you're reading this, you've probably already told us you're coming. Right?

If not, then please use the form to let us know you're coming and if you or anyone you're coming with has any special requirements!


Start: Please arrive at the venue between 12:00 and 12:30. If you arrive any earlier, Yuebi will make you carry things. If you arrive any later, well we don't know what happens...

Finish: Carriages* at midnight. Don't lose that diamond slipper.

*Carriages not included.


Planes, trains and automobiles!

... are all options. We recommend the Tube (darling) or the train. Closest stations:

  • Tube - Putney Bridge (on the Wimbles Branch of the District Line)
  • Train - Putney (trains from Waterloo)

Both are a ten minute walk, totter or stumble (depending on the height of your heels). 

If you can't face the walk, there are also buses - we recommend using Citymapper app to plan your route if you're new to London!


We are a simple pair who don't like change so we'll be in one place all day:

Winchester House, 10 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London SW15 1JN